Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books are best?

Any children’s book is great. Every patient is different. Some patients are medically sedated for various reasons, so longer books are greatĀ so parents can sit and read read, and their child can hear the sound of their voice. Board books are good for older babies and toddlers who are stuck in bed needing entertainment. Books need to be brand new or never used before (you know the ones you are gifted duplicates of that are sitting in a closet in perfect condition. Those are perfect!)

What kind (size, thickness) of blankets are best?

Any soft or plush blanket is great. Muslin or thinner blankets are also really good for cardiac babies who need to be kept at a cooler temperature. Larger children’s blankets and quilts areĀ great for older kids.

Do I need to wash the blankets before donating?

Nope! We will do that for you using detergent that is safe and free of dyes/fragrances.

What do you need more of, blankets or books?

Typically, we place two blankets and one book in each package, so we do use more blankets than books, but we will gladly take either!

Can you use items that don’t look new?

Blankets that show some wear can still be used! They won’t be gifted to the families, but they will be donated to the hospital to use in their rotation of bedding. We can only use books that are in excellent condition or brand new.